10 Fun Ways to Enjoy Valentine Week at Puno Raipur -

10 Fun Ways to Enjoy Valentine Week at Puno Raipur

With Valentine’s Week just around the corner and spring in full swing, everyone’s looking out for some different stuff to do with their loved ones, searching out for the desired option from an endless list of activities. It could be simply a long drive, a movie marathon, a perfectly organized wine-dine night with your significant other by your side, or a crazy musical night with togetherness and fun.


All these ideas might already be on your bucket list. But what if we introduce another exciting and thrilling way to celebrate this lover’s week? Are you all set and comfortable establishing a new dimension for your relationship goals?


If yes, why not lookout for an option filled with adventure, laughter, thrill, fun, music, and good food? Wondering how all these different elements are clubbed under one place? Puno- the biggest adventure & trampoline park makes this combination possible for you! To all those couples and individuals looking out for some adventure on this lover’s occasion, Puno has easy and affordable solutions for all. Accomplish the unthinkable with special trampoline-based rides and activities at the adventure park this year, adding a new spark to your relationship goals.


Adventure Redefined on V-Day at Puno Raipur:

Romance is only about perfect and cozy wine-dine and sappy poetry for some couples. But for others, romance is better when adorned with thrill and adventure. Nothing can beat the charm of hearts and flowers. But according to us, the best romantic stories are never complete without excitement, lasting out-the-norm experiences and memories.


This is why we think that the perfect way to celebrate valentine’s this year is with Puno, an incredible destination with a perfect combination of fun, adventure, thrill, and savory dishes. Not only for the couples, but Puno raipur also allows you to celebrate Valentine’s Weekend with your family and children while jumping around and challenging each other on the trampolines.

10 Adventurous and Fun Ways to Enjoy Valentine with Puno raipiur:

Here are the ten fun ways to spend your Valentine’s Day at Puno, for all those looking out for the out-of-the-box celebration.

1) A Perfect Family Place in Raipur :

If you want to spend Valentine’s weekend with your family, Puno raipur has affordable solutions for this. Designed with two different zones- kids zone and adult arena, Puno allows you to have fun with all your younger and elder family members, engaging all of them in safe and adventurous rides and activities.

2) Fun Vibes:

This is one of the main reasons to visit Puno this valentine’s weekend. Where all the other restaurants and clubs will be adorned with cozy vibes, Puno will provide you with a comfortable, fun environment, allowing both the partners to know each other better with the designed rides and activities.

3) Delicious Food at Chool Café:

Besides all the adventure and thrill, Chool is also known for serving delicious combinations. Chool is the in-house Puno’s sports café, serving all their customers with the never-before delicious food combinations and the best mocktails. Boost your energy with Chool for energetic adventurous experiences! 

4) Perfect Instagrammable Place:

Puno is designed with different and unique themes, colors, and patterns, thereby a perfect Instagram mable place for all social media enthusiasts. Curate different and unique reel content with your partner and family members, grabbing the attention of all your followers.

5) A Great Way to Detox:

To all those who want to spend some time with their partners, plan your Valentine’s Day with Puno. If you do not want to go for all the adventure and thrill, enjoy on the interactive Trampoline, jumping around while having conversations, adorning the feels with music and tasty food.


For all adventure lovers, rides at Pun will help you all with increased bonds, allowing you to explore a different new side of your partner.

6) Sky Wall:

Sky Wall is the straight 90-degree wall designed at Puno, allowing visitors the best in-house mountaineering experiences. To all those who aim to achieve everything with their partners or want to feel safe with their significant ones while getting rid of their fear, Sky Wall will help you with the bond. Reach out to new heights with your loved ones, feeling the freedom with top-notch safety arrangements.

7) Cyclone Ride:

Get ready to experience the ultimate thrill on their super adventurous 360-degree ride, turning your life around with new experiences. Relationships are all about sharing and facing crazy challenges together, so why not start from this cyclone ride! This will teach you how to fight the difficulties together, helping and supporting each other for better outcomes and lifetime memories.

8) Sky Stepper:

We have often seen couples making the promise to reach out to all the new heights with their significant ones. Let’s initiate the journey with Sky Stepper. This activity is a fusion of faith and adventure, allowing individuals to climb the pillar with different heights while tied to the harness. Reach the highest limit and jump from it, freeing yourself from all the fears.

9) Battle Beam:

The best way to maintain a healthy relationship is to keep up the competitive spirit, allowing each other to evolve better every time. Try out the ultimate version of the great pillow fight with this activity at Puno, challenging each other on a foam pit and a battle beam but without hurting them. Enjoy this cute fight to keep up the charm and learn new ways to win!

10) Rope Course:

If you are a fitness enthusiast couple, try out different challenges at Rope Course. This ride is designed with unique and different obstacles, taking your fitness to greater heights. This will also help develop balancing skills, inner strength, focus on testing, and agility. Try to make your way to fight and pass on from the obstacles, emerging as a winner!


Let’s accept that we always say that we will go for something different to make the upcoming Valentine’s Day occasion more exciting, fun, and special, but never actually do it.


Well, Puno provides you with an ideal and not-to-miss-out chance.


Don’t just go big- go grand! Treat your loved ones with the perfect thrill, adventure, fun, delicious and musical experience at Puno this Valentine’s Weekend, creating some of the memories that you will cherish for a lifetime!

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